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The Promise of the Blue Revolution

Environmental sus­tain­ability is already very difficult to achieve with today’s 6.6 billion people and average econo­mic output of $8,000 per person.

Turning Plants into Plastic–And Replacing Oil in the Process

Glucose is the main carbohydrate product of photosynthesis and a primary source of energy in most living things. It is a sugar and the human body’s main source of fuel. And, because of its ubiquity, it is a leading candidate to replace oil as an abundant source for fuels, plastics and other petroleum products.

Dog Bites Dog Story

There are experimental sciences, and then there are historical and observational sciences.

The Promise of the Blue Revolution (Extended version)

Environmental sustainability is already very difficult to achieve with today’s 6.6 billion people and average economic output of $8,000 per person.

The Winners and The Losers

The Winners:Our demise would be good news for many species.

An Earth Without People

TIMELINE: The Fall of New York City VIDEO: The Earth Without HumansEditors’ IntroductionIt’s a common fantasy to imagine that you’re the last person left alive on earth.

Warming to Law

In its first case confronting global warming, the U.S.

Arctic Thaw Springs Forward

Arctic wading birds lay eggs when their food supply–flies and other bugs–is most abundant. And new research shows that insects are now emerging in northeastern Greenland as much as a month earlier than a decade ago.

Who Might Replace Us?

Nature, it is said, abhors a vacuum.

Lizard Moms “Dress Their Kids for Success”–and Survival

Like all good mothers, lizard moms also want what’s best for their kids. To wit: researchers have found that female side-blotched lizards douse their eggs with extra doses of the hormone estradiol to change newborns’ markings and enhance their chances of survival after birth. Scientists say this “dress for success” strategy helps offspring live longer because the new stripes help them to better blend into their background to elude potential predators.