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Gore And His Environmental Movement

Stunning revelation last night (as I write my first new post here on BIO 3.0).  I was watching Gore on CNN last night with Larry King’s mainstream liberal questions that Gore actually dodged by giving the “Bill Clintonesque” non-answer to.

Okay…  I finally get it.  Gore wants to save the environment.  I am not personally convinced (no matter how much you people think I am an idiot for saying so) that Global Warming as we see it today is caused by human involvement.  However, I am interested in getting back a bluer sky, like the one I saw in Tahoe this weekend and so I am game to reduce carbon emissions by replacing bulbs, taking less trips, recycling and other shit like that.  So there you go…  Republican, environmental concern…  no more Hummer.  (though I thoroughly enjoyed the Hummer)

I figured it out though watching Gore.  I do still dislike his movie and equal it to a scam which should have been shown on TV for free like they did with that show for Katrina, the Tsunami and 9/11.  If Global Warming is such a tragedy then show us for free on network television.  It would have reached a whole helluva lot more people and probably would have come off better to those people on the right who think the world is 6000 years old.  I have always been against this liberal medium of giving us “the message” in an ice cold theater with a 2 gallon tub of popcorn in hand.

But…  after all my pain and disgust of watching Gore over the last couple of years my opinion of this guy changed last night.  The dude is a human being who cares about something.  The people who follow his message…  actually some of those people are who I have the problem with.  They disgust me with their “grass roots” mentality of eternal smugness that shows their true selfish self.  What I am saying is, if there were no global warming issue, they’d be hard core on something else.  I’d still hate them.  They’d still bug me and would still accost me in a parking lot while getting into my Hummer Porsche because they’d have nothing better to do than placate me with their brand of self-vigilance.  And the reality is… this is why me…  A right leaning moderate who makes up the majority of the country (yes, prove me wrong…they voted for Clinton and could vote for this Clinton) is thoroughly bugged by the harshness, “reality” of the extremist liberal movement in this country.

So I choose to leave Gore alone now…  Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to “Gore And His Environmental Movement”

  1. No more Hummer? But, but, but, what are we going to take the piss out of you for now, steve?

  2. I am a firm believer in global warming and man’s part in it. I am also a firm believer in not accosting people for their legal choices, whether it be a hummer or fur. Violence should not be an option, physical or verbal.

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