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Life on Mars? Who Knew?

Apparently, it’s been under our eyes since 1976. Of course, microbs are less Hollywood than little green men, but hey, it still wiggles.
The search for life on Mars appeared to hit a dead end in 1976 when Viking landers touched down on the red planet and failed to detect biological activity.But Joop Houtkooper of the […] has ‘data loss’ affecting 1.3 Million customers

From Reuters:
BOSTON (Reuters) - The names and contact information of some 1.3 million job seekers were stolen from Monster Worldwide Inc , the U.S. online employment Web site said on Thursday.
The company said on Wednesday it shut the “rogue server” that was used to access the information and it is contacting those whose information was […]

Coal Mining: Santa Claus, Stockings, & Bad Behavior

I’ve got coal on the brain…and the news just keeps what remains of my neurons popping. As a kid, I remember thinking about my behavior and whether it had been sufficient to prevent me from receiving a chunk of coal in my Christmas stocking. Of course I soon realized that parents had simply co-opted the […]

Xbox 360 vs. Playstaion 3: Which Box Is The Better Media Center? Part 1 - Video

By now, anyone interested in hardcore gaming already knows the ins and outs of the Xbox360 vs Playstation debate when it comes to specs, graphics, games etc. I have both machines and I like them both. I am not a fanboy of either. At this point, most people agree that the Xbox has better games […]

Chris Mooney: What We Can and Can’t Say About Hurricane Dean

One of my favorite science writers, Chris Mooney has an interesting piece on Yahoo News today titles “What We Can and Can’t Say About Hurricane Dean.” The piece deals with what, if any, impact Global Warming might have on hurricanes. Considering the amount of hysteria vs. denial that’s running rampant on the Internet, it’s good […]

Stupid Letter Shows Some People Still Don’t “Get” Global Warming

I found this on the website and nearly crapped my pants at the stupidity.
There you go again, editorial writers [”Warming warning,” Aug. 15], demanding we do much more to curb global warming.
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It’s been a bad week for that “certainty” thing…

[I have been informed by two commenters that my post below implies that global warming is not occurring. I don’t see the implication myself but an author is not always the best judge of whether he has precisely expressed his own meaning so I’ll make it explicit at the outset. Global warming is happening and […]

Vista Ultimate vs. Ubuntu 7.04 - Which Install Is Easier?

This weekend I suffered a meltdown of my workstation’s main hard drive. The drive help my Windows Vista Ultimate install, which in turn held several hundred pictures, music files, movies etc., not to mention all the games and utilities that I had installed over the years. After trying unsucesfully to get the drive back, I […]

Signs That You’re Getting Old

You know you’re getting old when something so common when “yesterday” is hard to find today. Case in point - this weekend we had to go school supply shopping. On the list was (1) 60 minute audio cassette. No big deal right?
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Love Apples

Mother Nature has given us many more varieties of foods than we will ever be able to hunt down in a single store. Sometimes a local store will sell food grown locally. However, in the day of major worldwide food magnets selling their products uniformly in their chain stores it becomes unusual to find that […]