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Global Warming Deniers Are At It Again

This is almost as disgusting as Barry Bonds stealing the record yesterday. It seems the usual suspects in the anti-Global Warming camp are at it again, this time creating a war chest of nearly to spread fear, uncertanty and doubt. According to

Al Gore, speaking at a forum in Singapore, has said major carbon polluters have funded a sum of $10 million dollars to create the idea of disagreement on the consensus of global warming.

Gore, specifically naming Exxon Mobile as one of the major polluters attempting lure the public away from the consensus of global warming. Exxon Mobile, last year was accused funding efforts to undermine the consensus.

Glad to see Exxon Mobile changing their tune to the same old stuck record. It’s not about the science with these people, it’s about market share - their market share. If you think Exxon Mobile has your best interest at heart, go look at the pump. Now look at their profits. Do your really think they are going to tell the truth?

It’s time for a serious energy plan in this country that moves away from companies like Exxon Mobile and towards a saner, more sustainable future.

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19 Responses to “Global Warming Deniers Are At It Again”

  1. Admin says:

    “It’s not about the science with these people, it’s about market share - their market share. ”

    The same can be said about Al Gore and Michael Moore. It is not about science with these people, it’s about book and movie sales. If you really think Gore-Moore have your best interest at heart, go to your theater, now look at their profits. Do you really think they are going to tell you the truth?

  2. That’s the stupidest f*&() argument I’ve heard.

    Lets see Exxon Mobile LIES about things to increase their profits. Al Gore told the truth. Michael Moore did too. Critique after critique on both films (Sicko and AIT) bore out the fact that the films were for the most part, factually correct. So YEAH I think they have my best interest at heart, and who gives a flying fuck if they make a dollar at it.

    That it just the most irritatingly stupid moronic argument that you guys use. Use your freaking brain for a change

  3. Just like Global Warming you have no factual proof Barry did anything…(Three grand juries haven’t indicted him so STFU)

    It’s a consensus of the Scientific Community that Global Warming exists. And where there is a consensus, you want to be in the majority as a scientist or you look like an ass. Creditability equals funding. No funding… no job. The inconvenient truth is Gore’s side pocketed $100,000,000 so far. What are the things they are actively doing to stop Global Warming besides setting the Gore children up for life?

    Where are those violent hurricanes at Mr. Baker?

  4. 10 million is nothing compared to the billions being spent to try and prove there is Gloval Warming.
    Who paid for Al Gore’s trip? I’ll bet he had plenty of security.
    How much did his carbon company make to offset his trip to Singapore?
    I guess it’s okay that Citgo made record profits as well.
    Al Gore and Michael Moore are the biggest contributors of hot air.

  5. Admin, your kidding about movies being factually correct aren’t you? The 21′ rise in sea levels? The more frequent and severe hurricanes? The more we know about Gore-Moore the more we know that their movies are anything but fact based. I saw a recent write up on Sicko that started with this. “While playing loose with the facts and half truths as Moore frequently does, Sicko is an important must see for opening the dialouge on health care.” This was meant to be a compliment. If we need a dialogue on the health care crises or Global warming, why do we need to distort the truth? Won’t th truth stand on it’s own feet without exaggeration and distortion. The real truth is that Gore-Moore have found a market for their goods and want to live the American dream and sell them what they want to see. Just like PT Barnum.

  6. manapp, steve,

    You fools! The evidence is clear and the science behind excellent. I don’t know why you refuse to accept the fact that human being s are in part responsible for what is happening to the climate. The glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic are melting, the evidence is there all one has to do is look at the satellite imagry.

    Follow through with this extremely simple logic if you will, I know it will take you two much longer to digest it, but give it a few hours of thought and it might actually seep through your thick skulls:

    We take carbon that’s been sequestered in the ground for millions of years and pump and mine it out.

    We oxidize (burn, breaking the C-C and C-H bonds) and form energy, water and CO2.

    The CO2 being put into the system (known as the Earth) can not be taken in by natural processes (trees, algae growth etc) as fast as it it being put into the air.

    One only needs to find a chemistry book to see that the specific heat of CO2 is high and that the levels of CO2 in ppm (that’s parts per million for the clueless) has been rising for years correlating to the use of fossile fuels. The average temp has risen in correlation to the amount of CO2.

    Simple - take Hydrocarbons, burn them, CO2 levels rise, temperature rises.

    I am a fricken chemist and I understand what the climate guys are talking about unlike you apparently. The only people who seem to be denying Human caused Global Warming are you and the hack scientists that Exoon-Mobil is paying.

    Yes, when you tell me that GW isn’t occuring, I get pissed because you show how ignorant you are and then on top of your extreme ignorance you try to convince others that the people who know best the science, hell science at all, are lying.

  7. Paul don’t debate with dolts. They want ot believe it’s not a problem let them. Offer to sale them low ground in Sri Lanka or New Orleans.

    I’m over being nice on the issue. You either are onthe side of reality, or your a fucking tard

  8. Paul, Google human contribution+CO2 and read. There are many takes on this relationship. This is far from settled science (another of AL Gores lies btw). Keep an open mind to the science and read.

  9. Idiots! I guess that’s the problem with having a Scientifically Illiterate society and actually electing people to office who know nothing about the single most successful human endeveor of all time…

  10. No mannap there is very little actual science dispute on the human contribution in the actual field by actual climate scientists. Sure they can debate over details (that is afterall what science does, it refines itself based on facts) but not the overall findings.

    You guys find 3 guys out of 10000 who disagree because it doesn’t fit their view and you make it seem like it’s a raging debate in the community. It isn’t.

    But as I said, I’m not here to debate you guys,. You think what you want, just get out of our way while we work on fixing the problem. Your kids will thank us one day.

  11. Someday, people like Tos and Steve will have to look their grandchildren in the eyes and lie… “No, little Tosteve, you’re grandfolks weren’t among the really, really stupid, selfish, spoiled, apathetic idiots who denied Global Warming and did nothing to stop it. Now eat your boiled pine needles. Remember, there are kids in Antarctica who are starving.”

    Steve, Bonds’ shoe size has increased 24% since 1994. You idiot.


  12. “I’m over being nice on the issue. You either are onthe side of reality, or your a fucking tard”

    Tom-No one denies that there is Global Warming remember the ice age? WE are the ones who have been telling you about Climate change before human life. What we are against is some rich son of bitch touting his theories and being able to pay his way though polluting and then telling the rest of us how we should live and getting ready to burden our country with useless carbon credits to benefit his own company.
    The biggest polluters are the ones doing all the preaching.
    Al Gore is the big Dick-tater here.

  13. Hey Jersey-I bet I do alot more than you do to prevent “pollution” . Would it make you feel better if I left my lights on all day and my A/C but went around preaching about Global Warming?

    The biggest contributor to Global Warming is your idol Al Gore.

    He’s like a habitual wife abuser and donating to “NOW”

  14. Jersey:

    My shoe size has increased 11% since 1992. And I did nothing but get older. Stop being a little bitch!


    Heh… Aren’t you the one voting for Kucinich?

  15. First Al Gore invents the internet. Now Mr. Gore has invented Global Warming. Wonder what he’ll invent next??? Oh, I know, MORONS like Admin, Jersey, SteveO etc….;)

  16. When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. - Jonathan Swift

  17. Hear, hear Rube!!

  18. Rube:

    Thanks for recognizing my brilliance! Now snap in line.

  19. Steve, John Kennedy Toole is a name you need to Google. read the book. there is only one. anyone but me ever read the book?

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