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House Bill Offers Incentives for Renewable Energy

H.R. 2776 passed the house and its major provisions are:

Repeals the generous tax breaks enjoyed by Oil and Gas companies (why not coal?)

Provides grants and loans so that samll communities can trade in less energy efficient appliances etc for more efficient models.

Renewable energy tax incentives.

Ah, hell, just read the article.  But know Dear Leader has threatened a Veto because he says it puts too much of a tax burden on Oil and Gas companies (ya know, the billionaires), how quaint!  Thanks for selling out the future of your country nimrod…

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3 Responses to “House Bill Offers Incentives for Renewable Energy”

  1. Seems like this was discussed back on the 6th somewhere on this blog. No matter, it is important and should be discussed further beginning with the fact that the veto threat was totally predictable. Our national course has been set and we have decided to go a different route. a resource war to get the remaining oil of which 2/3s reside in that region of the world where we are fighting the Iraq war. remember big dick told us in 2002 that “the American life style is nonnegotiable.” Reliance on renewable forms of energy, sunlight, hydro, etc. just ain’t going to happen in an America where avarice is the very foundation of governance and economic strategy. but then the laws of thermo dynamics just may have something to say about the matter. “Resistance to change is the source of all pain.” (one of the eastern muses)

  2. I might have missed that earlier post but you’re right, we need to keep pouncing on this and keep pushing it if we want anything to change at all. But yes, it probably is futile…

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” - John Kenneth Galbraith

  3. “A corrupt and disorderly multitude can be spoken to by some worthy person and can easily be brought around to the right way, but a bad prince can not be spoken to by anyone, and the only remedy for his case is cold steel.” The Prince

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