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Life on Mars? Who Knew?

Apparently, it’s been under our eyes since 1976. Of course, microbs are less Hollywood than little green men, but hey, it still wiggles.

The search for life on Mars appeared to hit a dead end in 1976 when Viking landers touched down on the red planet and failed to detect biological activity.But Joop Houtkooper of the University of Giessen, Germany, said on Friday the spacecraft may in fact have found signs of a weird life form based on hydrogen peroxide on the subfreezing, arid Martian surface.

His analysis of one of the experiments carried out by the Viking spacecraft suggests that 0.1 percent of the Martian soil could be of biological origin.

That is roughly comparable to biomass levels found in some Antarctic permafrost, home to a range of hardy bacteria and lichen. — CNN

Cool, huh?

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2 Responses to “Life on Mars? Who Knew?”

  1. Cool indeed! I think we will find microbial life in this solar system before our generation passes on…. There is little doubt that there is life out there, we just have to look in the right places.

  2. I wonder if Jesus visited Mars… Otherwise, we’re going to have to copnvert those Godless bastards!


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