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Halo 3 Bug - Small Spoiler Alert

It figures. One day into Halo 3 and I already got bit by a bug.
I spent a few hours playing the campaign last night solo. Then I saved the game and hopped into the campaign with a friend (he hosted) and played the first few sections in co-op mode. We were had just escaped the […]

Freakin” MS Makes Buying New Xbox 360 Confusing

Most gamers have heard that there is a new version of the the Xbox 360 Premium console on the market. The new version sports an HDMI interface like the Xbox Elite (though no cable). It also uses the Elite’s motherboard with (hopefully) improved heat-sink to keep the dreaded Red Circle of Doom away. Great news […]

That Vision Thing

Ronald Reagan had a vision. You might not agree with his vision. You might not even agree with the premises of his vision but you can not say that he did not have a vision. His vision was based on the propaganda that he voiced through out World War II. His propaganda ignored the reality […]

HALO 3 Tonight

Just a quick note - I’m taking the day off from the blog tonight to play Halo 3. A few of us BIO folks will be cracking open our copy and kickin’ ass (or ehh feeling the bottom of someones boot) this evening. If you ge a copy and want to play, feel free to […]

What Would You Do For Halo 3? NSFW (but go ahead anyhow)

What would you do to play Halo 3 a day early? Well if you are Kevin from the Howard Stern Show, public humiliation seems to be a price worth paying. Stern, who received an early copy of the game dared the young staffer to walk around all day with a picture of a penis and […]

Unfair to Lair - Complaints of Control are Offbase

First I need to say I’m an avid Xbox 360 gamer. My PS3 is used mainly for movies because the games have been disappointing. That said, I’ve been more than a bit curious to try out Lair, the new PS3 game from I picked up a copy of Lair for my PS3 yesterday. Granted, it […]

Rewiring the Brain

New research indicates that a molecule called complexin regulates the flow of neurotransmitters in the synapse of the brain.  Without this chemical our neurons would fire continuously.  Who cares???  Well: 
“So what does this mean in terms of neurological diseases? The activity of complexin can be controlled, and if properly regulated, may allow synaptic growth to […]

Oh So That’s Why OpenOffice Isn’t As Good As MS Office

Those of you who have ever tried OpenOffice (and Linux folks probably make up the majority) have to admit that it’s nice, but not nearly as feature rich as it’s market leading cousin Microsoft Office. Not only that, it’s damn ugly in comparison (it reminds me of the old Office 6.x, the one you used […]

Quote of the Day 9/19/07

“A fact never went into partnership with a miracle. Truth scorns the assistance of wonders. A fact will fit every other fact in the universe, and that is how you can tell whether it is or is not a fact. A lie will not fit anything except another lie.” - Robert G. Ingersoll
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Windows Guy Takes Ubuntu Gutsy To Work….

I’ve been experimenting with Ubuntu (Feisty) for about the last two months. In previous posts, I’ve written how pleased I was with the easy of installation, the overall stability and the improved hardware support. It was a nice improvement over past versions of Ubuntu which always left me a bit disappointed when something we take […]