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Hey PHP Folks, Can You Answer A Question?

A friend of mine is designing a website on an Apache server (against her will I might add). The site is on a shared server from some hosting company that allows limited changes. You know, typical cheap hosting package. Anyhow, the site is finished except for one thing - the membership function.

The site is a pay site that is members only. In the Windows, IIS, ASP world she knows exactly how to accomplish this to allow payed transactions to the various vendors (Paypal, credit cards etc), automatic account creation after payment, automatic lockout if the payment stops etc. Problem is, none of those solutions work in the Apache\Linux world. She has searched for days for some sort of FREE PHP script, widget, CGI script etc that might do this for her but in vain.

(Note: She looked at aMember Pro, but that didn’t quite do it, plus it’s $150.00)

In her own words the plugin or script would:

Ideally the script would have an admin panel, allow for some customization (the completely pre-packaged stuff wont let me write my own code), and integration with a payment system. Now – the free ones just wont give me the payment options so what I would look for there is just as much admin control as I can get so I can work a new member gaining approval only after I verify payment. That’s about it really. OH and one that won’t force me to put their ads and links everywhere – I just won’t have it. I will build my own forms and write simple PHP and do it all manually before I have any of my sites littered with ads and links.

I know there has to be something out there. You can’t tell me that in the Linux world, there isn’t something available that will do what she wants. She’s hating Linux now and trying to convince her client to move to an IIS box. Folks we have to stop this. Do you really want yet another website on an IIS platform simply because she can’t get the payment stuff to work. That’s just stupid. I can’t believe Windows can do it better and easier to boot.

Then again maybe it can. Maybe I’m just way to confident in what the community can do.

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One Response to “Hey PHP Folks, Can You Answer A Question?”

  1. This may be overkill, but I just downloaded the FREE version of this PHP shopping cart/CMS. It may be a bit overkill, but it seems to have the features your friend is looking for. Setup was pretty simple and it has tons of configuration ability. Here is a link to the section on recurring payments.

    The Viart site is a little confusing. The FREE version is actually the Enterprise version, just somewhat limited. i.e. you can only have 50 products. But it sounds like your friend isn’t going to exceed 50 products anyway. Worth a look.

    I’m digging you up to hopefully get some more constructive comments. I, for one, can’t stand to see someone move to IIS. It is the biggest pile of horse poo called a webserver that I have ever seen. Incredibly unstable and full of exploits and holes. Let’s just say I have had some bad experiences, and I will never trust a Windows server in a production environment again. I have been running Linux, namely Fedora on my webservers for many years and love it. I actually have some machines that haven’t been rebooted in over 6 months!

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