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Environmental Thought For The Day

I joined the local Bike Coalition last month…certifying that I will never be electable in any category if I ever dared run for any kind of political office. People mistakenly label bikers in my town as extremists (as to why they don’t label us true conservatives is beyond me - e.g. I’m too cheep […]

Oh Happy Day!

The ethical debate over embryonic stem cell research may have just come to a screeching halt! Virtual human embryonic stem cells have been created without cloning and without embryos, using human skin cells. Two teams of researchers, one in Wisconsin and the other in Japan, working independently on the same conceptual model, have published papers […]

Watch the Dem’s debate conservation Saturday night

From the LCV(League of Conservation Voters) we get this news and event notice: This Saturday, November 17, presidential candidates will gather in Los Angeles for the first ever Presidential Forum on Global Warming and America’s Energy Future. The ones that accepted the invite are Edwards, Hillary and Dennis Kucinich.
You can watch the live webcast at […]