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Turbulent Times

I recently read a Mallard Fillmore comic strip that bothered me. If you don’t know Mallard Fillmore, he is a conservative duck that makes Rush Limbaugh type outrageous remarks on the comic pages of many newspapers. I sometimes wonder if Bruce Tinsley the author listens to Rush Limbaugh and puts Rush’s words in Mallards mouth. […]


As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”
I got a little freaked out this weekend. But, the story actually starts a couple of years ago.
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That Vision Thing

Ronald Reagan had a vision. You might not agree with his vision. You might not even agree with the premises of his vision but you can not say that he did not have a vision. His vision was based on the propaganda that he voiced through out World War II. His propaganda ignored the reality […]

Love Apples

Mother Nature has given us many more varieties of foods than we will ever be able to hunt down in a single store. Sometimes a local store will sell food grown locally. However, in the day of major worldwide food magnets selling their products uniformly in their chain stores it becomes unusual to find that […]

Utah, Minnesota and Iraq

Robert E. Murray the owner of the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah where the miners are trapped exemplifies the stereotype of a Republican business owner from the most conservative state in the union. From the statements broadcast I wonder why anyone in their right mind would risk their lives to work for him. After […]

Selfish Conservatives and Careful Progressives - What Has This World Come To?

Everyone should be concerned about health. This is obvious in the sense that it is the most selfish instinct that we possess. If we don’t have our health, then what do we have? But, with this said we still find that there are many people who are not willing to even think about the idea […]