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Life on Mars? Who Knew?

Apparently, it’s been under our eyes since 1976. Of course, microbs are less Hollywood than little green men, but hey, it still wiggles.
The search for life on Mars appeared to hit a dead end in 1976 when Viking landers touched down on the red planet and failed to detect biological activity.But Joop Houtkooper of the […]

IPod + Lightning = Major Headache

As a stroller in the most lightning prone state in the union, I read this with not a little horror. Imagine yourself, just passing through, your fav tunes playing, when Kaboom! Lightning hits the tree next to you. 
Fortunately for humans, skin has high resistance to electric current. Unless something interrupts the flow, the lightning […]

Baby Steps

Good stuff from India. 
“The STEPS Centre aims to combine new theory with practical solutions that make science and technology work for the poor and environmental sustainability, building on people’s own knowledge,” Professor Melissa Leach, its Director said.Greenpeace chief scientist Doug Parr, speaking at the launch, said STEPS’ work was “crucial” — Daily India
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