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Turbulent Times

I recently read a Mallard Fillmore comic strip that bothered me. If you don’t know Mallard Fillmore, he is a conservative duck that makes Rush Limbaugh type outrageous remarks on the comic pages of many newspapers. I sometimes wonder if Bruce Tinsley the author listens to Rush Limbaugh and puts Rush’s words in Mallards mouth. […]


As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”
I got a little freaked out this weekend. But, the story actually starts a couple of years ago.
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We Are In The Test Tube

Okay- you’re tired of combatting those who say that anthropogenic climate change is a farce. You’ve had it up to your eyeballs trying to get the naysayers past the “Al Gore factor” in the climate debate. Funny how even the smartest conservatives you know prefer to pander the party line on climate and environmental issues […]

“The biggest environmental crime in history”

That, my dear reader, is the title of the Independent article I read Sunday evening in my inbox. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was about British Petroleum..aka BP. It’s the description a Canadian drilling project which environmentalists and people with a modicum of common sense brand BP’s method of ‘extraction’. From the […]

Environmental Thought For The Day

I joined the local Bike Coalition last month…certifying that I will never be electable in any category if I ever dared run for any kind of political office. People mistakenly label bikers in my town as extremists (as to why they don’t label us true conservatives is beyond me - e.g. I’m too cheep […]

Watch the Dem’s debate conservation Saturday night

From the LCV(League of Conservation Voters) we get this news and event notice: This Saturday, November 17, presidential candidates will gather in Los Angeles for the first ever Presidential Forum on Global Warming and America’s Energy Future. The ones that accepted the invite are Edwards, Hillary and Dennis Kucinich.
You can watch the live webcast at […]

Will Gore take part in civil disobedience?

From Alternet we get this article about Al Gore possibly considering a civil disobedience protest:
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I May Never Chew Gum Again

Is it just me, or does this sound repulsive? From Technology Review
Revolymer’s product has a formulation unlike most commercially available brands. The main ingredient in most chewing gums is a gum base: a mix of synthetic petroleum-derived polymers, natural latex, resins, and waxes. All of these components are hydrophobic–they stay away from water–which means that they […]

Algae As Energy - How Cool Is That

In our never ending search for new fuels to feed our energy addiction, I found an interesting write-up in Technology Review about algae’s growing role in the biofuel arena. It amazes me what researchers can accomplish when they put their mind to it.
Algae are a promising source of biofuels: besides being easy to grow and […]

Global Warming - Man We’re Screwed

How’s this for a depressing start to the day. From Foreign Policy:
 As the world’s leaders gather in New York this week to discuss climate change, you’re going to hear a lot of well-intentioned talk about how to stop global warming. From the United Nations, Bill Clinton, and even the Bush administration, you’ll hear about how […]