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“The biggest environmental crime in history”

That, my dear reader, is the title of the Independent article I read Sunday evening in my inbox. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was about British Petroleum..aka BP. It’s the description a Canadian drilling project which environmentalists and people with a modicum of common sense brand BP’s method of ‘extraction’. From the […]

Environmental Thought For The Day

I joined the local Bike Coalition last month…certifying that I will never be electable in any category if I ever dared run for any kind of political office. People mistakenly label bikers in my town as extremists (as to why they don’t label us true conservatives is beyond me - e.g. I’m too cheep […] has ‘data loss’ affecting 1.3 Million customers

From Reuters:
BOSTON (Reuters) - The names and contact information of some 1.3 million job seekers were stolen from Monster Worldwide Inc , the U.S. online employment Web site said on Thursday.
The company said on Wednesday it shut the “rogue server” that was used to access the information and it is contacting those whose information was […]

Astronauts have no problem littering in Outer Space

And by litter, I mean throwing “a 1,400-pound (636-kilogram), refrigerator-size ammonia tank away from the station. His first toss was a 200-pound (91-kilogram) camera mounting.” These items were tossed out without a second thought as to their size and how they affect ‘outer space’. In fact, the folks at NASA’s Mission Control “declared the tank […]